USAO’s student senate passed legislation granting Sigma Psi Omega funds for recycling bins

Thursday, October 24, 2019

During the Oct. 10 weekly senate meeting, the association voted 9-1, with three senators not present, to pass legislation that grants $250 to USAO’s Sigma Psi Omega sorority for the purchase of four large recycling bins. 

The legislation, titled “Sponsorship for Sigma Psi Omega Recycling Bins,” was co-authored and sponsored by Senior Ward Senator Kamri Dickson and SGA Treasurer Gabriella Burk. The bill reads in part, “Demand for recycling bins on campus has been increasingly overwhelming.” The bill also states bins would be “beneficial,” in more locations to alleviate the school’s carbon footprint.

Dickinson said more recycling bins are needed on campus.

“We typically empty each bin once a week except for the print shop. Obviously, the print shop goes through a lot of paper, so their bin gets dumped twice a week. Most of the time when we go to empty our bins, they are at least three quarters of the way full, if not overflowing.”

However, Business and Social Sciences Ward Senator Korbyn Peebles, although voting in favor of the measure, argued that he had heard from many students who felt the recycling bins were unnecessary.

“The students I found to be resistant to the bill were largely sorority pledges and a few members,” he said. “Most of these girls didn’t see a need for more recycling bins in the print office because that office supplies [its] own recycling bin.”

 Peebles said he eventually voted in favor of the bill because he believes there is a need.

Despite this group of people that opposed, I believe that there are more benefits to adding four recycling bins onto campus than harm, and I believe a majority of students would agree,” he said.

The lone vote against the bill came from Junior Ward Senator and Sigma Psi Omega member, Victoria Mickelson.

There has only been a vocalized need for two added recycling bins, so approving a large amount of money from SGA funds for four recycling bins seemed excessive,” she said. “I am a member of Sigma Psi Omega and know that recycling is part of our service project and that recycling is good for the environment, but I had to vote unbiased. That is why I voted against adding four new recycling bins for an avoidance in misusing funds.