A Los Angeles Road Trip (Photo Essay)

The iconic Hollywood sign is a must see attraction for anyone in LA.

Laura Barrios Bardi, Contributing Photographer

I recently went on my first road trip with my family and a couple of family friends to Los Angeles, and it was overall so much fun as the city had so much to offer.

Personally, I am more of a traveler, rather than a vacationer if you get what I’m saying. For one, the thing that I loved most about Los Angeles was that we were able to head over to the beach, park the car, and walk around for countless of hours. There was always something that piqued my curiosity.

During our weekend getaway we started off in a jokingly manner by visiting Venice Beach, as I born in Venice, Italy. As a group of art enthusiasts, we had to visit the art district and admire the architecture. Afterwards, we went into The Broad museum to see the special Keith Haring Exhibition. It was so relaxing to go about our days with no plans and seek pleasure in all the little things that we encountered.

One thing that left me amazed was the Santa Monica Mountains, which we drove through on our way to Malibu Beach. I was not prepared to see such stunning landscapes. After every turn we made, we were left in awe as we came across an amazing new view, which led to a couple of stops along the way to truly take in the scenic views.

Point Dume did not disappoint as the landscape was blooming with poppies. We followed the trail down to Malibu Beach, where we spent the rest of our afternoon. It was such a serene environment, that I highly recommend this spot if you are looking for more a secluded spot to relax by the beach.


Laura Barrios Bardi is a third-year Arts major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.