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Annie Roberts: Mastermind of USAO’s Student Life

Roberts recently transitioned into a new role on campus
Emily Loughridge
Annie Roberts gives a thumbs up after annoucing the 2023 winner of the Battle of the Boats during the final day of SAWW.

When events are held at USAO, there is one person that is usually the mastermind behind the scenes and also in front of the audience: Annie Roberts, student life and housing coordinator.

Growing up in Chandler, OK, Roberts has been a part of the institution since November 2019, after graduating from Southwestern Christian University (SNU) with their bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. After a brief stint at the Apple store in Oklahoma City, Roberts came to work at USAO in the Admissions Office, working to recruit from the Eastern portion of Oklahoma.

“I traveled around going to college fairs and staying at hotels,” Roberts said. “I did up to three high school visits a day for each semester. I just traveled all over the state to have as many high schools as possible have USAO right in front of them.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Admissions Office used paper and filing cabinets. Roberts lived in Norman at the time, and was forced to work at home during the lockdowns once the pandemic began.

According to Roberts, this gave the Admissions Office a chance to transition from filing cabinets to completely online, as Shepard McConnell, vice president of enrollment management and student life, looked into going digital.

“We figured out how to recruit online in 2021 and we’ve hit recruitment records every year since then,” Roberts said. “It was nice working from home not gonna lie, but I had no prior experience when we came back to in-person.”

During their time in the Admissions Office, Roberts also ran the tour guide program and helped to revamp it. Where they said with an increase in applications, the office was giving two tours daily. Roberts also ran the Junior Day and Senior Day events in their time at the Admissions Office.

Since they left their role as recruiter, Roberts has taken on a new role as a housing coordinator starting the fall 2023 trimester.

Ray Thomas-Lapham

“I do all of the jobs that a housing coordinator would do,” Roberts said. “I handle roommate conflicts, applications, and placements. I am also the student life side and help students find their place in our community.”

Roberts also said that their new position in housing would help them reach another part of the campus.

“It just so happened that we had openings when the housing coordinators left to get involved with housing, and this opened the door to not only get freshmen involved, but the entire campus as well with event planning,” Roberts said.

Roberts said that they hope a new housing director is chosen for the campus soon, as it would bring organization to the housing aspect of campus.

“I think we are in position to have a new beginning with the new coordinators and the new director,” Roberts said. “I have high hopes for housing that it will eventually be a much easier and streamline process and less of a headache for everyone.”

Despite having a leading role in another campus department, Roberts still helps in the Admissions Office.

One role that most students may know Roberts for is their role in USAO’s Orientation every year. Roberts is heavily involved in overseeing the annual event, and they said they enjoy it immensely.

“I actually tell the students that orientation is a better time of year than Christmas for me,” Roberts said.

Roberts uses their background in choir and theater to help them during the three-day long event.

Outside of the office, Roberts enjoys camping, longboarding around campus, and spending time with their girlfriend. They also enjoy singing, and said they do as much singing as they can, sometimes going to Norman to do karaoke.

“Annie possesses a contagious enthusiasm that has a very positive multiplier effect on our whole campus,” JP Audas, senior vice president of external affairs, said. “Their kindness generates more kindness. Annie is very likable and their eagerness to charismatically promote USAO makes them very successful with both prospective and current students.”

“Annie is a genuine and caring person,” McConnell said. “They are committed to building relationships with students and helping them feel supported and valued at USAO. Annie is also a creative and innovative thinker with a passion for student life. They will bring a new and exciting energy to engage students and build community. I am confident that Annie will be a valuable asset to USAO’s Student Life, and I look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in this role.”

Roberts said that they hope to see the housing process go digital in the future, to help the process of applying for housing to be a lot smoother. They also wish to collaborate with more community members, and to make Droverstock have more of a nightlife feel in the future.

“I would tell the students to come to as many events as possible and also have some fun,” Roberts said. “They are always going to be free for students.”


Paul Tointigh is a fourth-year communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Ray Thomas-Lapham
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