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Rachel Drechsler holds a poster with details about the 988 hotline, which is a lifeline that students can call or text anytime of the day.

Hey, Are You Feeling Okay?

Cassie Srock , Contributing Writer November 29, 2023

Students on USAO’s campus are entering their 14th week of classes out of 15 weeks. That being said, the end of the trimester is right round the corner, and a change in mental health is possible alongside...

Zachary Robinson (left) and Zakery Conover go over material together for their upcoming midterms in Nash Library.

Time to Buckle Down and Study for Midterms!

Cassie Srock , Contributing Writer October 6, 2023

It is almost Fall Break and students know what that means: midterms. Approaching the seventh week of school, The Trend wants to inform you on what to expect. First off, every class’s midterm will...

Paul Tointigh, senior communication major, leans over Gary Jacksons, junior communication major, back in order to cheat off his paper. 
(Disclaimer: this photo was staged for the purpose of the article and does not condone cheating.)

Stay Honest in Your Academics!

Harry Cracknell, Advertising Manager September 26, 2023

With the fall 2023 trimester well underway, The Trend would like to remind USAO students about the dos and don’ts of academic integrity. This includes key definitions of academic dishonesty, consequences...

The flowers blooming across campus signal that Spring break is here, and with it a campus of students ready for the break. Gabi Merchen gives a few pieces of advice to USAOs students as they head into this break.

Cheers to a Safe, Responsible Spring Break!

Gabi Merchen, Contributing Writer March 14, 2023

Spring break is finally here, and The Trend can hear the collective cheers of academically exhausted students across the country. This week of March is a time to kick back, relax, and forget about all...

The flowers around campus are in full bloom around campus.

The Final Lap

Emily Loughridge, Contributing Writer April 8, 2022

After Spring Break students often lose their motivation to finish out the trimester, but The Trend wants to remind everyone to not lose sight of their goals. With only two weeks left before finals week,...

We hope that however you celebrate, you have a happy Valentines Day!

A Very Drover Valentine’s

Bethany Sackett February 14, 2022

They love me, they love me not. Valentine’s is here, and that question seems to be on many Drovers’ minds. The Trend is aware that traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been viewed as a cycle of...

 Sophomore Kylie Milanic is utilizing Nash Library resources as she logs in her mandatory study hall hours for the week.

Student Stress Levels

Emily Loughridge, Contributing Writer November 1, 2021

Since midterms, the leaves have begun to fall, and the temperatures have started dropping. One thing that should not be falling at this point in the trimester is your grades. If you are stressing about...

Sit outside and enjoy a nice book or just take in the view. Here is a sweet spot at Chisholm Trail Park in Yukon, OK. Photo by Erin Lynch/Staff

Take a Moment

Raven Gray March 1, 2021

It seems the world is set on keeping people indoors between COVID-19 and now arctic storms spanning the week. The Trend recognizes this is a time where students would rather get what human interaction they...

Social Media is the biggest distraction for students today so find ways to limit your intake. Try a time restriction or airplane mode when you need to work on an assignment.


Chris Wilson March 2, 2020

Procrastination is an affliction that affects all students at some point. Procrastinating can influence relationships, employment, and grades. At The Trend, it is our belief that procrastinating is harmful...

“As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal; Keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole.” -Irish Proverb

An Old Irish Holiday

Jessica Sermon March 14, 2017

The Trend encourages you to break out your green clothes because St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is almost here. Most of us welcome this holiday as an excuse to hang out with friends and family (and drink...

Here is an example of Oklahomas voter registration form. Make sure to fill one out to participate in upcoming elections.

Reminder to Exercise Your Voting Rights

Susy Leonard January 25, 2016

With the presidential primary elections coming up in Oklahoma March 1, The Trend encourages all USAO students to get out and vote. If you aren’t already registered to vote, the deadline to register to...


Spring Break Is Here, The Trend Encourages Students To Be Safe

Brittani Mulkey March 14, 2014

Now that spring has made its way to Oklahoma (finally), and spring break is just around the corner to allow us much needed time to recharge our batteries, it is important to keep two things in mind: fun...

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