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Paul Tointigh, senior communication major, leans over Gary Jacksons, junior communication major, back in order to cheat off his paper. 
(Disclaimer: this photo was staged for the purpose of the article and does not condone cheating.)

Stay Honest in Your Academics!

Harry Cracknell, Advertising Manager September 26, 2023

With the fall 2023 trimester well underway, The Trend would like to remind USAO students about the dos and don’ts of academic integrity. This includes key definitions of academic dishonesty, consequences...

A large screen captures Tobias Forge in his vestments and mitre cap during Ghosts performance of Year Zero.

Ghosts’ “Re-Imperatour” (Concert Review)

Hayla Wilson, Contributing Writer September 16, 2023

The Swedish rock band Ghost visited the United States in early August for their “Re-Imperatour” that featured shows ranging from the east to the west coast. As the name implies, the tour revisited...

After exhausting himself with various responsibilities, Paul Tointigh crashes on his living floor, surrounded by a mess of homework, papers, books, and a planner.

Already Burned Out?

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor September 13, 2023

Do you ever just want to collapse on the floor, fall asleep, and wake up to find all your classes have been canceled for the rest of the week? Maybe that’s my wishful thinking, but when you overload...

Meg 2: The Trench was released Aug. 4 to theaters. Gabi Merchen went to great depths to review the film and its cast.

“Meg 2: the Trench” (Movie Review)

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer August 30, 2023

I believe that there are approximately two types of moviegoers in this world. There are those who will walk into “Meg 2: The Trench” with expectations of grandeur, hoping to be transported, heartbroken,...

A large screen illuminates the stadium and showcases all of Taylor Swifts album covers for her Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift’s “Eras” (Tour Review)

Elyanne Kenney, Contributing Writer August 23, 2023

“It’s been a long time coming…” This is one of the many phrases that Taylor Swift uses to open her show. After being on a tour hiatus for five years, Swift has been touring the “Eras” Tour...

Paul Tointigh overcame his fear of swimming, and now cooly floats in the Lawson Clubhouse pool in early August.

From Novice to Michael Phelps in Three Months

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor August 14, 2023

For over two decades, I did not know how to swim. The best I could manage was mimicking the movement I saw from characters in video games, seriously. This might be enough to keep me alive in dire situations,...

George Plummer, the “Voice of Grady County” and Paul Tointigh, Plummer’s summer intern, say goodbye on Tointigh’s last day on the job.

George & Me

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor August 11, 2023

If you would have told me I would work at a radio station back in the spring, I would have said “no way.” Fast forward to June, and I found myself as the intern for George Plummer, also known as...

Moving to college your freshman year is scary, which is why three of The Trends writers complied their tips to make your first year a breeze!

15 Tips for First-Time Freshmen

Emily Loughridge, Paul Tointigh, and Gary Jackson July 28, 2023

Welcome to college! As we are sure you have heard by now, this is your protype to real life – meaning you will take on more responsibilities in the next few years, but you aren’t quiet a fully independent...

Barbie, played by Margo Robbie, showcases one of her many pink outfits in this scene in the 2023 Barbie movie.

“Barbie” (Movie Review)

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer July 26, 2023

As a longtime fan of Greta Gerwig’s work, I was unreasonably excited for the release of her first blockbuster film, “Barbie.” Already smashing box office records, “Barbie” is more than a film...

A buzz was in the air as the Tower Theaters crowd waiting for Treaty Oak Revival to take the stage over the weekend.

Treaty Oak Revival Energized its OKC Crowd

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer July 25, 2023

Looking down from the balcony at OKC’s iconic Tower Theater on Saturday, July 22 one could see a sea of audience members wearing baseball caps and cowboy hats eagerly waiting for the opening act of the...

Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Cillian Murphy, and his team spent years developing and testing the atomic bomb. What happens when they finally succeed?

“Oppenheimer” (Movie Review)

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer July 24, 2023

Christopher Nolan's “Oppenheimer” is an awe-inspiring tour de force. Delving into the life of one of the most enigmatic figures of the 20th century, “Oppenheimer” manages to entertain as well as...

Andrew McMahon left the Tower audience in awe with his impressive vocals and piano skills last weekend

OKC Audience Immersed ‘In The Wilderness’

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer July 21, 2023

For fans of the indie pop rock genre, there was no better place to be on Saturday, July 15, than at OKC's Tower Theater. The audience was treated to a spellbinding performance by the immensely talented...

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