Drover Talk: Court Rooms and Big Screens

Preston Palm, Tyler Cauley, and Gary Jackson


Graphic by David Duncan

In episode 2, Tyler Cauley chats with Lainey Morrow about her future in a court room while Gary Jackson talks to Zak Conover about movies and the baseball field.

Season 1, Episode 2: Court Rooms and Big Screens

Tyler Cauley chats with NAIA All-American Honorable Mention Lainey Morrow about her basketball season, summer plans, and her law school plans. In the second segment, Gary Jackson discusses musicals and movies with Zak Conover before moving into baseball, as Zak is a walk-on pitcher for USAO’s baseball team.

Drover Talk, USAO’s student-produced podcast since 2022, brings in real students for real conversations.


Host: Tyler Cauley

Guest: Lainey Morrow

Host: Gary Jackson

Guest: Zak Conover

Producer: Preston Palm