Weirdlesque Dazzles Tower Guests Friday Night


Gabi Merchen

During one of the routines at Weirdlesque, four young women adorned with bunny ears appeared to delight guests at the Tower Theater.

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer

Based on the name alone, one probably can discern accurately what the essence of the Weirdlesque show is all about: burlesque dancing, beautiful performers, and, of course, all things weird. While the show itself is riveting for an adult audience, I would most definitely call up the babysitter and leave the minivan at home, because this is anything but a family friendly show. Featuring a host of scantily clad and exceedingly talented entertainers, Weirdlesque is the perfect date night for a couple who wants to experience something new and exciting in OKC.

Even before the show began, the lighting was a sight to behold. During the performance, the colorful lights were often coupled with the dramatic presence of a smoke machine to provide further ambiance for the dancers.

The master of ceremonies entered stage right, smiling and waving while showing off the many rhinestones on his blindingly sparkly blazer. The matching hat was a nice touch as well, but the host was far from the only glitter-clad individual to take the stage that evening. The first number of the evening was a bunny hop performed by four women wearing pink lingerie and decorative bunny ears, which left the crowd in a state of utter excitement.

Following their performance came a stunning pole dance exhibition which featured a woman in a flowing yellow dress dancing and gliding around the center stage pole while ethereal music played in the background. The audience was in a state of rapture during the spectacle.

There were a few technical difficulties as well as a slight delay or two, but the majority of the show ran seamlessly with one enticing act following another. After the opening number, the MC reappeared and assured the audience that he was most definitely not stalling because “someone wasn’t ready.”

The set up in the theater for Weirdlesque was a bit different from other Tower shows. Several of the chairs on the main level had been replaced with table set ups for VIP attendees, and dancers from the show often traversed the aisles collecting tips as the performance continued. The burlesque performance featured a myriad of talented dancers, entrancingly beautiful costumes, statement-making makeup, and a crowd rowdy enough to blow the roof clean off the Tower Theater.

As burlesque tends to focus more on the craft of erotic dance itself as opposed to the pomp and pageantry surrounding it, the set was somewhat sparse as to allow for the audience to pay their complete attention to the performers on stage. This decision proved prudent as the dancers themselves were a visual feast who proved the excess decoration of a set to be unnecessary.

A lively and energetic performance matched by an equally enthusiastic crowd made for a night to remember for talent and audience alike.

When asked what she thought of the show, theater-attendee Kate Mclain said, “What a fantastic show. I was really blown away by the showmanship and the quality of tonight’s performances. I will definitely come back to see Weirdlesque again.”

If you want to treat yourself and your friends to a fun night out, watch exciting dance numbers from some of the most talented theatrical undressers in the OKC Metro, and enjoy a cocktail or two at the venue’s excellent bar, be sure to keep an eye out for the next time the show finds itself in town. It is almost a guarantee that you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re already a seasoned burlesque fanatic or you’re an excited newcomer who has somehow never seen a woman in a nun costume pour melted wax down the upside-down leg of a girl in sparkly pasties, this is most definitely the show for you.


Gabi Merchen is a fourth-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.