Learning to Love Love Through Movies


Janet recommends four rom-com movie that will make you rush out to find love.

Janet Ogungbuyi, Contributing Writer

As someone who loves love and lives their life through movies. I believe romantic comedies (rom coms) are by far the best movie genre because everyone yearns for love and romance. I recommend these are my top three romantic comedies with an honorable mention, all of, which you can watch repeatedly while not getting bored.

I will die on a hill fighting for this movie. “Love, Rosie” Is frustratingly awkward but heart-throbbingly good. Not only does Rosie live the life of a high schooler, but she falls in love with her best friend when it’s too late after graduating. They then live separate lives although keep returning to each other’s lives as friends and then to long-lost lovers. The best romantic trope is friends to lovers because it’s crossing a grey boundary that is raw and intimate. There are twists and turns in the way of their friendship as well as their daily lives.

Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe in love till it happens to you. The denial love trope is the type of person who constantly runs away from love but somehow always finds it. Then “10 Things I Hate About You” is the perfect movie to inspire your cold heart to warm gushiness and give you ideas to woo your lover over with many hopelessly romantic ideas. The heart wants what it wants so this movie is a good take on people who need love in their life.

Hot and unbothered metaphorically and literally? A good summer movie to watch or for those in a relationship filled with mixed communication, “500 Days of Summer” is the movie for you. Not only is the main character and love interest hot, but the plot of the movie is a real-life modern-day romance. Friends with benefits will lead you down a path of denial until one of the parties in the relationship meets someone they actually can see a future with, and that my friend most likely will not be you. After accepting that hard pill to swallow, you’ll realize the perfect person for you will come into your life randomly. Maybe you’re reading a book in a coffee shop or waiting in line to get to class through a single door.

A good tear-jerker that makes your heart glow with compassion for the right place at the right, and an honorable mention is “Me Before You.” As you can probably tell by now I am in love with Sam Claflin, the male lead, because I have listed two of his movies in this review. Yet ignoring his talents and good looks, you learn that in this movie no matter how much love you have for someone it won’t save them or make them love you more than themselves. All you can do is put all your heart into the relationship and enjoy the moment of magic between you because it’s rare to find and feel, let alone know that you both value each other’s connection just the same.

In the end, no matter what type of love you are looking for, there is a rom com out there with your name on it; A film just waiting to make you love falling in love and want to rush out to your nearest coffee shop and wait for the love of your life to waltz through the doors. Or, more likely, stumble in and you’ll have another classic trope on your hands: a meet cute. Either way, good luck and get ready to hit play on any of these movies.


Janet Ogungbuyi is a second-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.