It’s Not Just a Job


Gisela Alonso

Gisela says that her job is more than that because of the connections she has made with her customers, which can be seen here.

Gisela Alonso, Contributing Writer

I’ve been serving at restaurants for 12 years. Many people hate it, but I’m one of the weirdos who love it. Yes, there are the bad days when the gluten-free-allergic-to-fish-let-me-speak-to-the-manager Karen comes in to ruin the day. But for the most part, it’s a fun time. I love talking to people, getting to know them and their stories. Many see this job as embarrassing or a little side job. While it may be, take advantage of the experience. Many positive things come from serving. 

I’ve met some of the greatest people serving tables. People I now consider family. People I can count on for anything and they can count on me. I’ve been to their houses, met their families, and invited to their family parties. If I ever have a flat, need money, a babysitter, or anything at all, the people I call are the ones I’ve met through serving.

Serving has also taught me a lot of important skills that can translate to any job. Skills such as communication, patience, working under pressure, multitasking, teamwork, organization, conflict resolution, and memory skills. Many believe serving at a restaurant is easy, but it takes a certain individual to be able to do this job and keep a friendly face. All these learned skills can be helpful for future jobs. 

Another great thing about serving is networking. I’ve been lucky enough to serve some important people. It never hurts to know important people. I’ve met people who’ve become mentors. People who tell me after I’m done with school to come to them, and they have a job ready for me. 

I like that saying, “You get what you put in.” I believe that 100%. It’s just serving, but you can get a lot from it. Don’t look at any job as just a job. Look at it as an experience. Anything you do, always give your best and always be positive. It may give you more than you realize. 


Gisela Alonso is a first-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.