Renew, Reinvent, Explore And Support Liberal Arts At Droverstock

Renew, Reinvent, Explore And Support Liberal Arts At Droverstock

Teresa Foster

Spring break rested weary minds and tired bodies (well, maybe). Now is the time to renew, reinvent, and explore by attending Droverstock Thursday, April 3.

Droverstock is USAO’s big spring event. The festival embodies many of the university’s best qualities. It is an opportunity to express ideas, experience music and explore the expressions of others.

USAO is the only state supported liberal arts university in Oklahoma. Liberal art programs highlight integration of all disciplines into each major course of study. This integration heightens critical thinking awareness in relation to situational analysis. Heightened analysis leads to improved solution generation across fields of study.

Sounds like an exercise in drudgery, right?  Wrong. Attending events such as Droverstock helps expand cultural, intellectual, and artistic awareness in an enjoyable fashion. The ambience of this festival relaxes the soul and promotes interchange of expression.

Live music provided by various popular artists is the venue of Droverstock. The music plays from 10 a.m. on into the night and draws a large crowd. Festivities also include good food and an eclectic mix of vendors.

Coinciding with the live music is Montmartre, USAO’s chalk art festival. Artists are not allowed to register until the day of the event, so the unpredictable chalk-art gallery unfolds as the morning progresses. Each artist or group of artists are allowed a 6’ by 6’ square for $10. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. Judging beings at 12 p.m. and the awards presentation at 1:30 p.m.

Supporting USAO in its attempts to enlighten the community is important in rounding-out a college pathway. Sharing fun and interesting experiences with campus buddies is a bonus.

Grow and help others grow by attending Droverstock April 3.