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Cracknell Implements Crucial Changes within SGA

Cracknell looks to make SGA more accessible to students throughout his term
Elyanne Kenney
SGA’s President, Harry Cracknell has spent his summer planning and implementing changes to make SGA more transparent and accessible to students.

USAO’s Student Government Association (SGA) has recently undergone a change in authority. Harry Cracknell, a senior business administration major, was named the new president in spring 2024 trimester. Cracknell began his term by updating SGA’s social media platforms, and said that is not the only change he plans to implement over the next year.

“We want to see an SGA that is more involved in Student Life and everything really USAO,” Cracknell said.

Cracknell shared that they are implementing a new mission statement, which is: Engage, Unify, and Set Precedent. He stated that this mission statement means that in order to engage with students more than in the past, they need to set precedent for the future leaders of SGA.

One of Cracknell’s biggest goals is to be transparent with students because “we all pay a Student Government fee, but nobody knows what it goes to.” Cracknell wants everyone to know where that fee is going and for them to know that it is being put to good use as well.

SGA is also implementing new leadership through its advisors. Annie Roberts, Student Life and Housing coordinator, and Dawn Brockman, dean of students, are the 2024-2025 advisors for SGA. Brockman stated that she wants to see the student body become involved and educate them about why it is an important organization.

“I’m big into student empowerment, so, for me, it’s facilitating student empowerment. We want to leave a legacy and have transparency as well as furthering their goals and educating our student body,” Brockman said.

Roberts shared that they want students to be able to use the power they have within SGA with more efficiency in order to streamline processes and make more effective changes for USAO’s student body.

Brockman stated that one of the most important things in the new changes is the Open Meetings Act. She explained that as a state entity, SGA is subject to the Open Meetings Act. The act states that associations are to publish their agendas 48 hours in advance and give proper notice of what they will be talking about in their agenda.

Cracknell stated that one of his most exciting changes is gearing up the SGA website. This is where the calendar, events, agendas, and more information will be accessible to students. The website will be an extension of the website.

“We want to have a more student-focused and student-centered campus with more events for students to get involved and know what we do,” Cracknell said.

If you are interested in becoming a part of SGA or want more information, contact one of the following:

Harry Cracknell, president:

Luke Cantrell, vice president:

Natasha Fryhover, secretary:

Trinity Albao-Cozad, treasurer:


Elyanne Kenney is a third-year psychology major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahom

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