The Trend’s Stance On Using Electronic Cigarettes On Campus



Courtney Cheesman

What’s the latest fad that is rapidly sweeping the nation and creating such a controversy on college campuses, you may ask? It’s not Flappy Bird or emojis, but electronic cigarettes. Many studies say that they are a better and safer alternative to smoking actual cigarettes, but college campuses tend to disagree on anything positive about them.

We at The Trend disapprove not only of the use of actual tobacco, but also of any tobacco or nicotine-based product. Here are our reasons why:

Although they do not give off regular smoke and all the tar and chemicals in regular cigarettes, e-cigs still contain a lot of toxins.

E-cigs can be more addicting than regular cigarettes because they last so much longer. Each e-cig contains a good 200 to 300 puffs, which equals out to two or three regular packs of smokes. Because you get a deeper and more frequent puff, users may be getting a higher concentration of toxins. Even the flavors themselves can be an addicting taste to the smoker.

E-cigs are also super expensive—they can cost anything from $30 to $100.

Contrary to popular belief, the long-term consequences of e-cigs may be just the same as using any type of tobacco product.

Vapors are unregulated at this time because there is still more research to be done, but that does not mean they are any safer than regular cigarettes or a good thing to start using.

The FDA is concerned that the side effects of inhaling pure nicotine have yet to be adequately studied. The FDA is also concerned about quality control, that maybe companies are not disclosing all ingredients found in their products. This might possibly be a reason to fear using these vaporized cigarettes.

Do you really want to suck in something that is battery-heated?

Due to all of these negative effects of e-cigs, we at The Trend believe that e-cigs should be under the same ban as regular cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Before you pick up one of those handy electronic cigarettes, The Trend advises you to weigh your options and think about what you could potentially be doing to your body in the long run.