A Very Drover Valentine’s


We hope that however you celebrate, you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Bethany Sackett

They love me, they love me not. Valentine’s is here, and that question seems to be on many Drovers’ minds.

The Trend is aware that traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been viewed as a cycle of a boy buying cards, flowers, dinner, and/or chocolates for a girl, and as she accepts all her gifts she swoons over the boy and falls even more in love. However, The Trend recognizes that Valentine’s Day doesn’t always look like it used to. The main issues with this long-standing tradition are the commercialization of love and a lack of inclusivity for both single people as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

The Trend believes that inclusivity is extremely important not just on Valentine’s Day, but in all aspects of life. Valentine’s Day at its core is a day to celebrate love in whatever shape, size, or color it comes in, and The Trend encourages all Drovers to find a way to celebrate any day that is dedicated to love.

Thankfully society is moving forward and adopting more inclusive ways for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Groups of single girl friends have opted into the tradition of Galentines Day to celebrate their friendships, some have taken an extreme stance in Anti-Valentine’s Day, and some people choose a more comedic route to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

The Trend encourages all USAO Drovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day however they see fit. Go on a date with your significant other, have a movie night with your close friends, or spend a quiet night at home alone with a good book. There’s no wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! After all, the real Saint Valentine, who is supposedly the patron saint of lovers, was also expected to intervene in issues of epilepsy, fainting, traveling, and beekeeping. In The Trend’s view, you can’t go wrong however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Bethany Sackett is a junior Communication major from Blanchard, OK