Take a Moment


Sit outside and enjoy a nice book or just take in the view. Here is a sweet spot at Chisholm Trail Park in Yukon, OK. Photo by Erin Lynch/Staff

Raven Gray

It seems the world is set on keeping people indoors between COVID-19 and now arctic storms spanning the week. The Trend recognizes this is a time where students would rather get what human interaction they can during class, but with classes canceled due to weather, even that is gone, so what is there to be done in this time of sudden freeze? The Trend suggests theses simple activities to keep students entertained.

Obviously, this is an ideal time to get studies in order. After the first couple of weeks of class starting, being trapped indoors provides opportunity to slow down and organize where you are at in your studies. The Trend suggests making a tentative goal list and schedule for yourself for the upcoming weeks. If you find yourself overwhelmed with work, take this time to focus on one task at a time.

Being stuck indoors offers the time for self-reflection as well. The Trend acknowledges that this year has been collectively traumatic for everyone. Take a walk outside in the snow and think of all you still have. Be thankful and mindful as you reflect on yourself and how you can make every day a little more enjoyable. It only takes one moment to change your perspective.

Diving back into a hobby can also prove to be an enjoyable way to spend your time indoors. The Trend suggests finding what you wish you had more time for and then actually investing your time in that now. Not every second of the day needs to be filled with tasks to accomplish and not every day needs to be productive to be worthwhile.

Something as simple as watching an old movie you have not seen in a while can stimulate the mind in a way that helps alleviate the loneliness and boredom students are bound to feel during this time.

Playing games, listening to music, or even deep cleaning the living space that is most likely neglected due to the ins and outs of the day help our minds relax. After spending much of the year balancing studies, work, and relationships, it is nice to have time to focus on oneself. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, The Trend advises to do what makes you happy. Make a snowman or sit with a cup of hot tea. Just do it for you.

Raven Gray is a communication major.