Computer Lab Upgrades Credited to NASNTI


Gary Jackson

Rilley Merrill, Emily Loughridge, and Paul Tointigh utilize the upgraded 24/7 computer lab to study for their finals.

Gary Jackson, Senior Writer

The Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (NASNTI) program used its grant money to contribute to the Nash Library by renovating the 24/7 computer lab. The lab is in the basement of the library and is more equipped to serve USAO’s students’ internet needs. Before the renovation, the computer lab had six desktop computers and an outdated environment. Now, the lab features 16 new computers, chairs, tables, a projector, a TV, a whiteboard, carpet, and a fresh coat of paint.

Nicole McMonagle, the director of Nash Library, praised the new overhaul of the 24/7 computer lab. She said that the space would not look as good as it does now without the grant from NASNTI. McMonagle said that the desktop computers have built in webcams so students can attend Zoom classes, or visit with family and friends who are far away.

What is NASNTI? This program is a part of the Title III organization which was created by the Higher Education Act of 1965. NASNTI is in charge of providing grants and assistance to institutions that aren’t tribal-affiliated. This program is designed to aid Native American and low-income students in higher education.

Autumn Dalman, the NASNTI program director, said she believes this rework of the 24/7 lab will help more students succeed.

“The computer lab in Nash was a key space that we wanted to upgrade because it is the only 24-hour lab on campus for our students, yet it lacked the necessary technology needed to serve the most students,” said Dalman.

Dalman said she is proud of her program and looks to help as many students as possible. She continued to say that NASNTI aims to expand access to quality online course development and provide support to participating faculty. Which, in return, will allow the university to provide increased support to students.

This is not the first project NASNTI has helped with at USAO. This program helped install the podcast booth and several new tables in the Nash Library Music Pocket, revamp the computer lab next to Davis 120, and construct a Zoom classroom in Troutt Hall 302. NASNTI will continue renovating different classrooms and resources across USAO over the next few years.


Gary Jackson is a second-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.