Editor’s Note – March 20, 2023


Laura Barrios Bardi

As students return to campus, Managing Editor Paul Tointigh encourages students to make that final push as the school year slowly starts to wrap up.

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor

Hey there Drovers! Welcome back to campus. I hope you have enjoyed your spring break, and got plenty of rest and leisure time.

Being back on campus, USAO is now on the home stretch with the end of the spring trimester fast approaching. Emily and I are both excited for the end of the trimester and we look forward to going through this final push to the summer.

With that said, the final push of the spring will begin with The Trend’s fifth writer’s meeting in the Music Pocket in Nash Library. The meeting time is Monday, March 20th, at 4 p.m. The editors encourage you to bring a friend who might be interested in writing for The Trend to this meeting. As always, anyone is invited.

This week will also be very important as enrollment for summer and fall classes opens up on Monday as well. Be sure to get into your advisor and enroll early, so that you can get into the classes you need and want without a hassle. Enrollment for juniors and seniors will open Monday and freshmen and sophomores will enroll on Wednesday.

Janet Ogungbuyi will make another appearance for The Trend with her article “Learning to Love Love Through Movies.” She gave Emily and I another perspective on romantic comedies and assigned deeper meanings to movies that take a special eye to see. Her article will melt in our hearts on Friday.

The end of the trimester will come quickly, now that the days seem to go by faster due to the clocks springing forward over the first weekend of Spring break. The editors encourage students to persevere and keep pushing forward. Emily and I both know how hectic the last few weeks of spring can get. But take our word for it: the final push will all be worth it to see more hours added to your transcripts (and holding that degree for you seniors). Summer break is months long, and we are all working towards it.

As always, if you are interested in writing for The Trend or have any ideas, send us an email, or stop by our office! Our email is trend@usao.edu and our office is located in Davis Hall 117. Be sure to follow on our social media platforms including, @thetrendusao on Instagram, @thetrend_usao on Twitter, and The Trend on Facebook to keep up with the latest articles and news. Opal, our owl, will be present on all of The Trend’s social media platforms.

With all of this said, please get plenty of sleep, manage your time wisely, and take a deep breath; summer is coming soon. Remember to have a great week USAO.


Paul Tointigh is a third-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.