Editor’s Note – March 13, 2023


Laura Barrios Bardi

Editor-in-Chief Emily Loughridge reminds students to relax over the break and previews a few articles that will run over the break.

Emily Loughridge, Editor-in-Chief

Happy Spring break, Drovers! We are officially two-thirds of the way through this spring trimester, and we have about a month and a half left. Please use this week to relax and recharge, it is not easy being a college student. Most students have many obligations to fill on a daily basis, plus social interactions. All-in-all its extremely draining. So, please recharge in any way that you need to this break, whether it is sleeping in, going for a run, reading a new book, or visiting family. Take this time for yourself – you deserve it!

While on the topic of spring break, Gabi Merchen discusses safe and responsible drinking habits in her editorial. Spring break usually means drinking for students, so Gabi reminds students to hydrated along with a few other tips to ensure students have a safe break.

The Trend, although, never stops! Paul Tointigh found his recharging activity as he dusted off his viola and attempted to learn a few new chords. While Paul can easily play a number of other instruments, the viola has presented itself to be a worth opponent. Make sure to check in with The Trend later in the week to find out Paul’s answer to the question, “Is learning a new instrument hard?”

The Trend wanted to wrap up the week with a chuckle, which is why Matthew Yokum’s piece about a recent episode of South Park is finding its way onto The Trend. The episode begs the question of what’s the best way to find privacy – or better yet, what’s the wrong way to find privacy?

The Trend will host its last meeting of the month Monday, March 20th, at 4:10 p.m. in Nash Library’s Music Pocket. The Trend is looking for new writers, and every major is encouraged to share their ideas and write their own piece. There is always so much happening around campus, and The Trend would love to share about it all, which is why we need students to attend these meetings and pick up their pens. If you cannot make the meeting and want to share an idea, please email The Trend (trend@usao.edu) the details of your idea or event.


Emily Loughridge is a second-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.