Get Out and Get Active with Ultimate Frisbee!


Sam Little

Faculty and students gather together to get active and have fun through ultimate frisbee.

Gary Jackson, Contributing Writer

When it comes to activities on USAO’s campus, ultimate frisbee is one of those activities that everyone can play and enjoy. Every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday at 9 a.m. students and faculty gather to play in the Oval.

Matt Reynolds, an instructor for the Deaf Education program, plays in these games. While the activity is not currently an organized club, it is a possibility for the future. Reynolds said he would be interested in advising an ultimate frisbee club.

“It (Ultimate Frisbee) could be a club on campus, and if people wanted to, they could establish a presidency for it,” said Reynolds.

For those who are wondering how to play ultimate frisbee it is similar to seven-on-seven football. The game is typically played with seven players on each side but is not required to have that many. Players will start by gaining possession of the frisbee. Once possession is gained, the player will have ten seconds to complete a pass to another teammate. The objective for the team with the disc is to make it all the way down to their endzone to earn points.

“I love it. Being out here with friends and having a good time is what it’s about,” said Caden Moore, a freshman track and field athlete.

The players who do not have the frisbee will try to get open for a catch. The objective of the team not in possession of the frisbee is to either intercept it or ensure the person with the frisbee does not make a throw within the allotted time. Another rule for the person with the disc is they cannot move their feet the entire time the disc is in their possession. They can only move once they have thrown the frisbee.

Gary Jackson is a second-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.