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USAO Alum Tryczak Runs for Ward 2 in Local Election

Fostering new communities, beautification, and outreach are the campaign’s goals
Photo provided by Tryczak’s campaign
Ashlin Tryczak, Chickasha native and USAO alum, is running for city council.

Ashlin Tryczak, a name that may seem familiar to many on campus, is a USAO alum with a goal. After graduating with a degree in Psychology and a minor in liberal arts in the fall of 2023, Tryczak has made it her mission to make an impact on the Chickasha and USAO communities. To do this, she’s decided to run for Chickasha’s city council in Ward 2, and she said she has had this intent for a while.

So, what does it mean to run for city council?  What do city council members do, and how could that effect Chickasha as a whole? By attending regular meetings and discussing changes to laws, city council members give voices to their communities. They can vote on legislation, approve the city budget, and many other things to help keep a city running smoothly. With this intention to run on her mind for a while, Tryczak has been working on her social media presence this January. Trying to get names out there is important for those running for office, and Tryczak is no different.

The opening to declare the intention to run is in February, and according to Tryczak, this is when things will really start moving. She said that’s when she will start door-knocking, a technique used to make a direct connection with members of a community, and picking up more campaign work. She reminds everyone that the election will be Tuesday, Apr. 2, and that she will be prepared.

If elected, Tryczak said she hopes to foster a community between the city of Chickasha and the college, as that has been something that, in her opinion, has lacked in the past. Additionally, she said she hopes to focus on the beautification of the city, specifically Shannon Springs Park, which usually hosts the Festival of Light around the holidays. The festival itself was a concern for Tryczak, as it has been expanding into the residential areas in recent years.

“I’m happy that the festival is getting traction and making money for the city, but it’s a bit inconsiderate of the people who already live here. I hope to create a balance.” Tryczak said, when asked about the festival.

Tryczak said she is hoping that the election of a young person into office will send a “shock” into the system and encourage the city to make change more readily.

“The person holding this spot before me, Rick Croslin, was appointed in, not elected. I feel like the city has been a bit stagnant recently, and I really hope to shock the system into gear and get things moving,” Tryczak said. “Community outreach is incredibly important to me, and I hope to increase it with my campaign.”

Tryczak will reach out to her community in a Meet and Greet event hosted at Viridian Coffee Saturday, Jan. 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“As a USAO alum, I’m a product of what the classes here have made me. Of what education can do for someone. I hope to inspire students and create a community between the college and the city. It’s hard to foster a community on our smaller campus, and it’s even harder to do on a city-wide scale.” Tryczak said. “If we could build up a mutualistic relationship (between the city and the college) that would be amazing.”

While Tryczak is running for city council, USAO students can support her by voting in the election. The USAO College Democrats host regular voter drives to help students register. The biggest issue college students will run into is that they have to be registered in Chickasha to vote in city elections. For a student to change their registration, they can get a voter registration application, fill it out, and deliver it to the Grady County Election Board.

Additionally, when the campaign picks up in February, Tryzcak hopes to take in some volunteers to help with door-knocking and other campaign needs.


Bea Bourland is a second-year biology and environmental science major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

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