Hamilton Jokes about being Hit by a Bus – LITERALLY!


Gabi Merchen

A view from the Tower Theater’s balcony provides a unique view of the stage – which anxiously awaits the entrance of comedian Ryan Hamilton.

Gabi Merchen, Senior Writer

Friday night at the Tower Theater, the atmosphere of the audience before the show was one of anticipatory cheer. People filed into the theater in droves, visiting the bar and finding their seats, ultimately filling the spacious theater for what ended up being a stellar performance from a seasoned professional.

Comedian Ryan Hamilton was greeted with raucous applause from a packed house upon taking the stage for his hour-long show. A delightful mix of seasoned fans and curious newcomers to Hamilton’s work, the audience was in stitches from the moment the headliner stepped out into the spotlight.

Before the show officially began, the music quieted. The lights dimmed, and Hamilton’s voice came over the loudspeaker. He began his off-stage musings with his confession that he had seen very little of Oklahoma City during his stay, but, despite this, felt like he had seen enough. As a small-town import to the big city himself, Hamilton joked about finding his own appearance devastatingly Midwestern as well as the hazards of living in the big city. He also assured the audience that “this isn’t the show,” and he would in fact appear onstage following his opener.

Towards the beginning of the show, he told the audience that some of them may be aware he “owed them a story.”

Though not everyone in the crowd was privy to his meaning, he soon clued everyone in to the infamous incident, the material from which would comprise a hefty chunk of the show’s total runtime: Hamilton was hit by a bus.

He laid out the story, covering his injuries and recovery, but he also called into question the casualness with which we as a society mention the hypothetical of getting hit by a bus. He brought up the phrase, “you have to live your life today, because you might be hit by a bus tomorrow.” Hamilton encouraged the audience to do just that, but he also maintained that one could do both just as easily.

Despite being a notoriously clean comic, it seemed like no subject was off limits. While he never uttered a curse word or a single ounce of profanity in the way one might expect from a stand-up comic, the act still managed to push some boundaries of comfortability and challenge the audience with difficult subject matter.

Hamilton has proven himself to be a singular act with his own unique spin on the world around him. Unlike some other comedians who strive for levity in all things in order to nab some easy laughs, Hamilton delved deep into some highly uncomfortable topics. By his own admission, “some of these are hard to laugh at.” Nonetheless, the audience laughed up a storm as he deconstructed the trials of middle age, the hardship of singlehood, and the many ways in which life poses challenges to the average joe.

His act was reminiscent of the work of Jerry Seinfeld in more ways than one. From his tone to his style to his dapper suit jacket and jean combination, Hamilton paid quiet homage to the comedy juggernaut throughout his performance. As a former opener for Seinfeld, Hamilton was very clearly influenced by the iconic comic in the development of his own comedic philosophy.

That said, there is nothing more refreshing than a comedian with a unique perspective on life, and Hamilton is most assuredly unique in the best possible terms. If you missed the show, Hamilton has a special on Netflix entitled “Happy Face” after his characteristic cheeky grin. Though you can watch his late-night appearances and his Netflix special online at any time, he is absolutely more than worth the cost of admission to see live.


Gabi Merchen is a fourth-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.