“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” (Movie Review)


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The suspense continues as a second movie was released in the “Knives Out” mysteries. Detective Blanc returns to solve the next series of murders. Addysyn remarks on the movie and its characters.

Addysyn Asmus, Contributing Writer

“Knives Out,” a 2019 movie, is a murder mystery that takes place in a home full of family members, who hire detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to solve the mystery. A spinoff from that first movie was just released in 2022 called “Glass Onion.” Since Netflix began streaming the film in December of 2022, the movie has grown in popularity. The same detective in “Knives Out” appears in the newer film.  

“Glass Onion” is about a group of friends who receive a special invitation to stay at the billion-dollar home on a private island of their friend Miles Bron (Edward Newton). 

They all arrive at the home with suspicions as to why they were sent here for the weekend. As the days go on, one of them turns up dead. The people on the island begin to panic, wondering who could’ve done something like this. Detective Blanc is put to the test to try to figure out this mystery.  

“Glass Onion” is the perfect thriller. It brings many uncertainties that make this film fascinating for the viewers. Throughout the whole movie there are significant performances by the actors. They do a good job at displaying their characters’ emotions throughout the film as if they aren’t even acting.  

This is a fun movie to watch with others as you are putting pieces of the puzzle together in your mind to figure out what may happen next or just who could be guilty of the murder. The movie makes sure to throw in some humorous moments. The actors had great chemistry, and it was enjoyable to watch their personalities shine through each character.  

Unlike “Knives Out,” I found it harder to predict the outcome in “Glass Onion.” There are twists and turns that make this mystery more entertaining than the first.  

If you love a murder mystery, I recommend watching “Glass Onion,” which was directed by Rian Johnson. 


Addysyn Asmus is a first-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.