Ice Spice’s “Like…?” (Album Review)


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Ice Spice dropped her latest album, “Like…?,” last month, and Matthew Yokum shares his thoughts on her lyrics, beats, and more.

Matthew Yokum, Contributing Writer

Ice Spice is a modern artist known for her appeal to young people. She gained popularity with her use of modern slang and drill beats that match with her flow making her music standout. With her popularity rising with singles released throughout 2022, will Ice Spice live up to the hype with her new project, “Like…?”.

Ice Spice released her debut EP, “Like…?”, on Jan. 20, 2023, including 6 songs for a run time of 13 minutes. With album art that is graphic and provocative, Ice Spice made it clear that she wasn’t afraid of criticism or hate.

In the modern music world, drill rap has come to popularity in a giant wave. There are many artists such as Pop Smoke, Chief Keef, and Fivio Foreign who have popularized the genre across the United States and even artists like Central Cee popularizing it in England. But Ice Spice is on the rise and standing out in the drill community in her own unique way.

The intro track to Ice Spice’s project titled “In Ha Mood,” is a great introduction into Ice Spice and her style. It features ear catching lyrics such as “like what? Let’s keep it a buck,” that appeal to her listeners through slang. In this song she shows her confidence in herself and feels that she is unstoppable.

Following “In Ha Mood” is the song titled “Princess Diana”. On this track Ice Spice compares herself to Princess Diana Ross, and that she rules her neighborhood like royalty. This theme of her being the boss and not caring about what other people think is very common and found throughout the project. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the chorus, I found it repetitive and somewhat meaningless. It was still fitting in the song, but the lyricism was subpar.

Sitting in third on the track list, “Gangsta Boo,” features a sample of the song, “Ferrari,” by James Hype. The sample and beat are great, and Ice Spice uses a different flow than normal which I enjoy. The song features rapper Lil Tjay, and I like his verse and energy throughout it, although it is not very memorable. I also like Ice Spice’s attitude in this song, it is different than normal. Her attitude in this one is almost that of a housewife to a gangster, where she knows the inside details of what he does but never gets involved. Pretty cool story telling from an artist that usually doesn’t carry much weight lyrically.

Coming into this, I had low expectations for the fourth track on this list based on its title “Actin a Smoochie.”  After listening, I was proven wrong. It is a track with a softer beat, but Ice Spice holds the same energy in her lyrics that she has in her other tracks. Although this song is filled with similar lyrics to previous tracks about flexing and being a boss, she continues to cover them well.

I am excited to finally get to talk about track 5, “Bikini Bottom.” The title, in reference to SpongeBob SquarePants, hints at what is to come. The beat features a SpongeBob like sound and Ice Spice has memorable lyrics in, “How can I lose if I’m already chose,” and “if the party not lit, I’d rather not go.” This song is less graphic in comparison to the other tracks off this album which I like because it was not needed in this case. It was short and sweet, and I like the length, any longer and I might not have liked it.

Last but certainly not least is Ice Spice’s hit single, “Munch (Feelin’ U).” This song blew up in popularity through TikTok and continues to please listeners. The song includes my favorite lyrics off the project, “You thought I was feeling you?” Although not much to the lyrics, the way Ice Spice says it and comes off while saying it is so provocative and makes you feel like a boss. This song is great, and I’ve listened to it a few times and it doesn’t get old.

Ice Spice’s first project “Like…?,” is a good preview of what’s to come from her as an artist. Exciting beats and high energy make her music catchy and memorable. I would say although this album is not targeted towards me as a male, I like it. Some of the lyrics aren’t relatable but I think her cockiness and attitude is so tough and the music itself is good. I would rate the album an 8/10. I like this album and will be going back to a few songs and I can’t wait to see what’s next to come.


Matthew Yokum is a first-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.