Juice WRLD’s “Cigarettes” (Album Review)


Andrew Jones

“Cigarettes” by Juice WRLD is a powerful and famous song that just got a whole article dedicated to it.

Gary Jackson, Contributing Writer

Cigarettes are known to be addictive to people, and that hasn’t changed with this recent hit. Juice WRLD is still hitting the Top 100 Billboard hits despite being dead for more than two years. “Cigarettes” is a classic love song that shows how addicted the singer is to his love and how the singer only wants that person in his life. This is a timeless song that everyone who is in a relationship or wants to be in one can relate to.


“Cigarettes” came out after Juice WRLD died, but he made the song in 2018. It was leaked out multiple times since he passed away, but it made its official release on February 2, 2022. The leaks came out after Juice WRLD put some of the songs on his hard drive. Hackers then got into the files and put the leaked music onto the internet. This also isn’t the first time he has had his music released since being dead. He had an album named “Legends Never Die” that was released by his producers. “Cigarettes” is his first song in 2022 and has the chance to be the last song ever released.


The lyrics of Cigarettes tell the story of how in love the artist is with someone and how he would do anything for them. The singer also talks about how his significant other is always there for him when he is feeling down. He uses cigarettes for their addictive nature and uses that as a comparison to his love. This is an excerpt from the song that I feel is important to note:


Being heartbroken is so last year

Having breakdowns and she wipin’ my tears

I’ve been feelin’ fine ever since she been mine

In other words, yeah, she changed my life


“Cigarettes” is a song that explains the comfort of love. The impact that had on his life. It sends out a relatable message that we all can appreciate. That’s why it has made it into the Top 100 and stayed there since it’s been out. Juice WRLD had a profound effect on the Hip Hop industry despite only producing music for three years. Eminem has said “His potential was so off the charts.” (Genius.com). Juice WRLD has always been known for its lyrics and it shows in this song. “Cigarettes” shows his emotions and reflects how others can feel the same way he did. Musicians are artists and that is because they can paint a picture using their music and emotions. That is what “Cigarettes” will forever be known for.


Gary Jackson is a first-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma..