Post Malone’s “The Diamond Collection” (Album Review)


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Post Malone released “The Diamond Collection,” which features several of his popular songs, along with one new song for his upcoming album. Gary Jackson reviewed “Chemical” and a few other songs on the album.

Gary Jackson, Senior Writer

Post Malone is back in the pop music scene with the release of his fifth studio album “The Diamond Collection.” While this album features eight of his well-known songs, it also features a new song called “Chemical.” This album takes us back in time to when Post Malone was dominant in the music industry.

With “Chemical” being the most recent release, it makes sense to being there. This song is better than every song on “Twelve Carat Toothache,” his latest album. “Chemical” goes back into the vibes that we all missed from that last album, and the tune itself reminds me of his popular song “Sunflower.” It follows a similar tempo, but it has a more mellow vibe rather than upbeat. The new song is performing well as it debuted at number 13 on the Top Billboard 100 this week.

“Chemical,” tells the story some of us know all too well while trying to get over someone in a past relationship. While the lyrics are simple, the emotional feeling is evident in Post Malone’s voice. He talks about trying to get his significant other out of his brain, but that person continues to bring him back into a depressive state. The feelings are “chemical” as it describes oxytocin and dopamine affecting his mood since he had strong feelings for that person. I think the song is good, but it would be great if it was longer and had more of an emotional pull that people could resonate with.

The rest of “The Diamond Collection” features some of his most recognizable hits like “rockstar,” “White Iverson,” and “Congratulations.” I think the songs chosen to be put on here are all deserving of being in this collection. However, there are quite a few songs that I believe are missing from the album. “Candy Paint,” “Go Flex,” and “Goodbyes” are all examples that I believe should be on the list. The fact that “Sunflower” and “Better Now” made it over the examples above baffles me.

My two favorite picks that were included in this album are “I Fall Apart” and “Circles.” The first song demonstrates the effect of being rejected or losing a relationship with someone you really loved and cared for. The emotion in his voice can be heard clearly and most would think he had just been through a heartbreaking event by listening to it. It is in the top three of my personal favorite songs by Post Malone.

“Circles” is another great song that certainly spun around my head when I first heard it. He sticks with the same theme of heartbreak and sadness but refers to how both individuals need to let go of each other and move on with their lives. Their love for each other is not there anymore, and they keep playing games with each other.  The song is more of a catchy tune, but the beat and rhythm are what keep this song in my playlist. 

The last song that is one this list is “Psycho” which I have mixed feelings about. This song is one of his most popular songs, but I don’t see the appeal to it. The song has a good rhythm and flow, but I have never found it as something I would want to listen to again. Would I have put “Psycho” into my collection of top Post Malone songs? No, but I’m not as mad about it being on there as some of the other song choices listed above.

“The Diamond Collection” may have not picked the best songs to feature, but it was a fun experience looking back on Post Malone. He was a mainstream artist of the late 2010s and it brought back many memories for me. I’m also excited to see what Post Malone’s newest album will feature. “Chemical” was a great start and I hope to see the rest of the album on par or better.


Gary Jackson is a second-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.