Drover Talk is LIVE!


Paul Tointigh

While filming an episode of Drover Talk, Tyler Cauley, a host, discusses journalism with his guest, Emily Loughridge.

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor

The voice of USAO can now be heard with the release of Drover Talk, USAO’s student-produced podcast. Drover Talk has been months in the works, and was released today with their first official episode titled “Comedy and Basketball.”

Drover Talk became a reality with a $50,000 grant from the USAO Board of Regents. This grant allowed the Communication Department to purchase all the equipment needed to produce the podcast, as well as the ability to renovate Davis Room 129, as a physical location to produce Drover Talk.

The podcast consists of hosts interviewing students, faculty, and other members of the USAO community about a wide range of topics from sports to fine arts to what people do in their free time.

Gary Jackson, a sophomore Communication major, is a host on the show. Jackson has interviewed two people so far, with plans to interview more in the future. Jackson said being a host on Drover Talk gives him a chance to learn about many things in the technical and social aspect of the podcast. He said that interviewing people allows him to connect with those he interviews. This, according to Jackson, is one of the staples of being a communication major.

“I’ve learned a lot more about the lives of the people I interview,” Jackson said.  With my first guest, I learned about improv and stand-up comedy.”

Preston Palm, a junior Communication major, is another host on Drover Talk, and he said the podcast allows him to learn and gain experience.

“Experience is the biggest thing I get out of this,” Palm said. “I want to learn and get more comfortable in front of a camera. I want to be in front of a camera and feel that pressure, because that will help me grow.”

Drover Talk also gives experience to Jackson, who said he wants this experience to project well into his future career.

“I’m hoping it will build some of my in-front-of-camera experience,” Jackson said. “If I can gain as much experience as I can, that will be best.”

David Duncan, instructor of digital media technology, offers oversight on the production of the podcast, in both technical and conversational aspects. This oversight includes things such as how to operate a camera and how to interview someone.

“They are having fun producing these shows and it’s also increasing their marketability as they pursue jobs after graduation,” said Duncan.

Drover Talk plans to post an episode every other Monday in the fall trimester, and has a list of guests lined up to interview for USAO to listen to and learn about. Listeners can tune into the YouTube channel, as well as Audible and Apple Music.

“Stay tuned. That’s all I will say,” Palm said.


Paul Tointigh is a third-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.