What Will Santa Bring When he Visits USAO?


Paul Tointigh

Hannah Woodhouse, Clay Edwards, and Brandon Brown spend time hanging ornaments on their tree together while discussing what they asked Santa for this holiday season.

Paul Tointigh, Managing Editor

Every year throughout school, children made Christmas lists asking Santa to bring them their most desired gifts for Christmas. In their childhood years, most children might ask for the latest toy or maybe even an iPhone or tablet. As people grew older, their lists certainly changed. So, what would students at USAO want Santa to bring them this year?

Perhaps the biggest Christmas wish this year was money. Many students have said “cash” or “money I don’t have to pay back.” Which might not be a surprising wish among college students.

“I would want Santa to bring me scholarships, better tips at my job, and acceptance into grad school,” said junior Riley O’Dell, who took the money idea a step further.

While money is a popular desire, other students decided to be more creative with what Santa should bring them.

“I would want Santa to bring me a new set of golf clubs,” said senior Caleb Smith.

Senior Skylar Garneau wishes for a watch, while other students want Santa to bring them an A on all of their finals and in their classes. Then there were students who asked Santa for specific gifts.

Freshman Benjamin Huff wants to hone his Jedi skills and asks Santa to bring him a blue lightsaber for Christmas. Sophomore Harry Cracknell wants Santa to bring the World Cup Trophy to England this year, by giving England the win in the 2022 World Cup. Freshman Audri Lopez wants to find stationary in her Christmas stocking, while sophomore Emily Loughridge wishes for a new lens for her camera.

While some students wished for material things, others wanted things that cannot be held.  Sophomore Gary Jackson wants Santa to bring happiness to everyone this Christmas, while freshman Ryan Moses wants Santa to give the entire world happiness this year, by asking Santa to bring world peace.

Perhaps Santa will bring USAO students what they wish for, as long as they remain on the nice list.

Paul Tointigh is a third-year Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.