Get Your Head in the Game of Golf!


Bruce Renfroe

Freshman Hayley Forsblom makes a chip in for an eagle at Maridoe Golf Club. She celebrates her good shot!

Addysyn Asmus, Contributing Writer

Golf is more than just hitting a ball into a small hole. Considered by many to be the hardest sport mentally, golf forces players to think about the smallest details on each shot.

When standing over a golf ball, the things running through your mind are countless. Freshman golfer Alix Shueneman said she experiences this during all of her golf rounds: thoughts on how to hit a good shot are constantly replaying in her head, she said.

“Keep your head down, have good tempo, don’t hit it thin, and hit it straight,” Shueneman said.

Having a clear mind on the golf course can be essential. Say for instance you aren’t able to fix what is wrong and you have so many thoughts in your head about how to change your swing. This is something many golfers experience.

Hudson Woloss, a freshman golfer, said she tries to focus on one thing during the tournament which can change based on how she may be playing that day.

“Having one thing to focus on for that specific round can allow my mind to not be overwhelmed,” said Woloss.

Changing things on the golf course is not a good idea because it can become inconsistent. The best golfers in the world spend hours perfecting one small detail, which can have the most significant effect when applied correctly. Overthinking comes easy when you tend to have a problem in your swing or how you are putting that day. Think of it like a free throw in basketball: standing there on the line, thoughts running through your mind, and the pressure of hitting a good shot on your shoulders.

Another freshman on USAO’s golf team, Hayley Forsblom has learned and been told that your mental game is most important in golf.

“Golf is 80% mental and 20% physical,” said Forsblom.

Forsblom said she notices that on her bad days golf becomes a lot harder, specifically from the things going on in her mind. In order for someone to play golf at their full capability they must be mentally strong.

Addysyn Asmus is a freshman Communication major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.