Come Delight In The BFA Show

Student artists (from left) Eren Hall-Williams, Taylor Bauman, and Ann McSparrin hang a painting on the wall of USAO's Nesbitt Gallery as part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Show that will be on display through Dec. 7.
Monday, November 4, 2019

By Allison Crutchfield

Contributing Writer

Three BFA candidates have combined their art to create a show. Taylor Bauman Eren Hall-Williams and Ann McSparrin debuted their final art Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Nesbitt Gallery. All three artists have been working since their freshman year to do this.

To earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, students have to add almost 30 additional credit hours, McSparrin said. The BFA show is the last step in the process to receive the degree.

Hall-Willams said that the show is the “culmination of our research and time and showing what specifically interests us.”

McSparrin and Hall-Williams both agree that the show is proof that the artists are dedicated, know what they’re doing, and deserve recognition. Bauman said she feels that the show is proving to herself that she can do it.

McSparrin’s emphasis is oil painting and typically paints landscapes. Hall-Williams focuses on expanded media and uses anything that is needed and possible for the piece. Bauman is painting using any media.

Bauman said she wants viewers to feel “wanderlust” when they see her art. McSparrin paints the places that she has been and wants to make people “want to see new things” when they visit the show. Hall-Williams’ work is about “humans as artists and said she wants to “encourage people to be artists.”

McSparrin and Hall-Williams graduate in December, while Bauman graduates spring 2020. Their show will remain displayed in the Nesbitt Gallery through Dec. 7.