Pre-Enrollment is Here!


Gary Jackson

Spring is upon us, and so is pre-enrollment for summer and fall courses. Seniors and juniors can begin pre-registering on Monday, March 7. Sophomores and freshman can begin pre-registering on Wednesday, March 9. Chelsea Phillips, the registrar encouraged students to review the independent study classes in her email sent on Feb. 23.

Independent study classes will have 10 different classes and begin during the summer trimester. Independent study classes can be created by students as well, and they will have to fill out an application and get approval. The courses are as follows.


Belize Study Abroad-Exploring Cultural and Diverse Natural History of Central America

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Practical Experience

Making an Impact: Choose your Own Adventure with Community Service Activities

Podcasting Workshop: Planning, Preparation, Production

Dungeons and Dragons

Exploring Social Problems in Class, Race, and Gender Through Film

Learning Korean Language and Culture through TV Dramas

Special Olympics

Natural History of Western Oklahoma

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp: Developing Emotional Intelligence


For more information on the courses, look on MYUSAO or in the email Phillips sent on Feb 23.

Phillips had some tips for students enrolling. Phillips said, “students should be reviewing course offerings and talking to their advisors about what classes they’d like to take.”. Another tip is for students to go into MYUSAO before they enroll. Phillips also noted, “students must go to MYUSAO and sign a waiver for both summer and fall classes before they can enroll in them.”