“Forrest Gump” (Movie Review)


Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

Forrest said that life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you will get. This has rang true since the movie debuted. Dante dived into the movie’s themes and ideas for his review.

Dantè Laws, Contributing Writer

I, as well as many others, have been told time and time again that “life is too short.” I one hundred percent agree with this realistic approach and saying. Life is and can be shorter than expected. However, peace, love, and happiness last longer. Actor Tom Hanks has performed in many movies, and the film that stands out exquisitely to me is “Forrest Gump.” Quite an interesting storyline, as well as lessons to gain from said film.

Forrest Gump was more than a happy-go-lucky individual. He was a loving, appreciative, pure-hearted young man. Gump was like many of us in general when it came to life. Times are hard and sometimes scary but with good timing and faith, anything’s possible. Gump proved that obstacles are meant to be frustrating but capable of completion. From wearing leg braces in his youth to serving his country, nothing hindered Gump from going forward. We all experience something traumatic or downright just painful and its okay to not be okay, you have to “Run Forrest RUN!” and avoid a stagnant decision even after a set of failures.

Gump joined the military and exceeded his own potential in all aspects. After serving in the U.S. Army and being honorably discharged, Gump set out to establish Bubba Gump’s Shrimping business after the loss of his battle buddy, Bubba. With all of these events and trials within Gump’s life, he continued to “run” towards happiness.

What makes this film and story so magnificent as well as captivating, is the fact that Gump knows that life is too short. He and his life-long part-time lover, Jenny, faced many troubles and controversy. Running wild and free instead of striving can cost you more than time: it can cost you your life.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” said Gump in one of his most memorable lines.

What does that say to you when you hear such a unique quote like this? You can pick things, people, and activities throughout your entire life, but you never know what you’re going to get in the end result. You have to make time worth going through and life worth living. What is time and what is life?

In the beginning and the end, a six-foot hole or cremation is the end game of life itself. Life doesn’t have to be wasted, it can still be something worth time and worthwhile. By simply striving and leaving something behind that everybody will know you for. Not just your accomplishments but for the person you are, were, and always have been. As Nicki Minaj reminds us, “Everybody dies but not everybody lives.”