You're not in high school anymore: Meaghan Cobb

The key to being successful in college is going to class.
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall semester is right around the corner, and I cannot believe that it is my turn to give some advice to you freshmen. This time last year, I was also a freshman here at USAO, and I was scared. That’s normal. Although you may feel scared, there are a few tips that can make your first semester of college a little easier.

First things first: go to class. It seems silly to think about, but it will honestly make your classes 50 percent easier. I know you have probably been told countless times in high school that “your professors won’t care if you show up to class or not.” In a bigger school, this might be true. Here at USAO, however, your professors do care. They also might grade you on your attendance. Save your grade. Go to class.

Another thing to keep in mind this semester is to utilize your resources here on campus. At the Nash Library there is a Writing Center. It is free. It is useful. You are not alone when it comes to tackling those Writing 1 papers. I did not use this resource at all and my grade suffered. The tutors in the Writing Center also let your professors know when you come for help and many of the professors will give you bonus points for going. Your fees pay for this service and it helps. Don’t waste it.

My last bit of advice for you incoming freshman is very simple: socialize. Yet another mistake I made my first semester here is that I never got out of my apartment. The community is small here at USAO and you can get to know many people really quickly. Making friends at college is half the point, and it definitely makes resident life more fun. Get out. Meet people. Enjoy your freshman year because it’ll be over before you know it.