Artscope Summer Camp Brings Young Faces To USAO

Monday, June 23, 2014

If you’re on campus this summer you’ve probably seen little kids walking the halls or around campus. These kids are part of a summer camp known as Artscope. Artscope is for kids 8-12 and lasts for two weeks. During these two weeks campers will be able to experience visual arts, theatre arts, musical theatre, and dance.

Artscope is funded by the Oklahoma Arts Council with donations from the Chickasha Area Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Chickasha Community Foundation. USAO provides the facilities in which the classes take place.

Everyone involved in the running of Artscope is either an alumni or on staff here at USAO. Emily Hector-Godwinn, head coach of the Drover Dancers, and alumna Jeanie Lee are co-directors of Artscope.

Lee said, “Everyone involved at USAO is nice and very helpful.”

The campers choose from visual arts or theatre arts as a master class, which will be their main class for the two weeks of camp. Master classes are split into two parts with recreation and snacks in between each class. After master classes and lunch, the campers will go to two festivals split up with recreation and dance, with snacks in between each one. Festivals are when the campers experience all the arts offered by Artscope.

At the end of the two weeks the campers will take place in a showcase. The showcase will allow the visual arts master classes to display their artwork, the theatre arts students to put on a production, the dancers to perform, and at the end all campers will sing songs from their musical theatre festival. When the showcase is over the kids will collect their artwork, say goodbye, and begin the wait for next year’s camp.