Installation From Granite Sculptor Jesús Moroles Coming Soon

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maybe you have noticed the orange circles on the lawn in front of Sparks Hall and wondered what is going on at USAO.  Last Friday, Jesús Moroles came to campus and mapped out a plan for an installation that will be placed on campus.

Moroles, a renowned granite sculptor, talked about the area where the installation will go as well as its design with Assitant Professor of Art Layne Thrift and a group of art students who volunteered their time to help with the project.

The piece will consist of curved pathways with several grassy knolls, according to Moroles.  He said that sharp angles are not appealing to people, but the rounded walkways should be more inviting for students to pass through or take a seat in one of the grassy knolls.

Using rope and a little geometry, students helped Moroles draw the circles around the trees in the lawn to mark out where the grass should remain.

Moroles will be back in May with granite pieces to begin the installation process after places that flood with water are irrigated in a way that will compliment the pieces.