All advertisements are subject to approval. Please fill out the form completely to expedite the approval process. We will not advertise alcohol or tobacco products if the ad is promoting irresponsible and/or the illegal use of it.

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Our Pricing is as follows :

Size  Yearly Price
225 x 475 pixels* - Vertical TBD
225 x 150 pixels* - Rectangle TBD
725 x 150 pixels* - Horizontal TBD

*these are our sizes for images.
The only image formats we'll accept are png, gif and jpg.
We store the images on our server and will not link to external images.

Examples of Sizes Below**
Vertical Ad

Rectangle Ad

Rectangle Ad

Rectangle Ad

Horizontal Ad
** These images are fitting within the table and may appear
smaller than they will appear on the page.


Your placement in the rotation depends on the order in which your ad request was placed. Your ad must be an image that fits the specs above and no larger than 50k in size. All text provided will be used in the image alt tags for SEO purposes and should be as long as necessary to describe the image. That being said, we will reject descriptions that do not accurately describe the advertisement.